Fall 2022

I am not teaching this semester, but I am supervising two groups of undergraduate researchers through the Manitoba eXperimental Mathematics Laboratory, which I also organize.



I like using GeoGebra's 3d calculator to make interactive images for my classes. Here are some of my favorites:


For an undergraduate research project, I adapted some tutorials for the (free) Sage mathematical software. They're for a very specific purpose and don't cover everything, but maybe you'll find them helpful for learning! These were written in CoCalc with Sage 9.4. You can either download them to run with an installation of Sage on your own machine or upload them to CoCalc and run them there. Another good resource to run short snippets of sage is SageCell.

Previous Teaching: University of Manitoba

Winter 2022

Math 2720: Multivariable Calculus

Previous Teaching: University of Arkansas

Spring 2021

Two sections of Linear Algebra (remote)

Fall 2020

Two sections of Survey of Calculus (remote)

Spring 2020

Survey of Calculus

Transition to Advanced Mathematics

Fall 2019

Two sections of Differential Equations

Summer 2019

Survey of Calculus

Spring 2019

Two sections of Calculus III

Fall 2018

Calculus III

Differential Equations

Previous Teaching: Washington University in St Louis

TA for Calculus I and II: 2014–2015, Spring 2017.

Foundations of Mathematics: Fall 2016.

Matrix Algebra: Summer 2015.

Differential Equations: Summer 2014